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JM Racing

Suspension off the showroom floor is rarely set-up for your height, weight, skill level and terrain. Whether you ride motocross, supercross, arenacross, supermoto, GNCC, trail, enduro or just for fun, you are not getting the most performance out of your suspension unless it is set-up for the type of riding you do.


The wrong set-up results in either ride that is too harsh, or constant bottoming. It will also be accompanied by fatigue, loss of cornering ability, lack of control and confidence in your bike.

Our commitment to you is to not stop testing until you are 100% satisfied!



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We take great pride in the services we provide. There many people that can disassemble and assemble Suspension and Engine components. There are few that do it correctly. Great care is taken, throughout the complete process, to insure every little detail is taken care of. It is what is on the inside that counts.

R&D is constantly being done. John Mitchell has worked with the best riders in the industry. Testing is done daily on all different makes and models. All settings are custom to the individuals needs and skill set. Our goal is to combine our vast experience and knowledge, with desire and familiarity of local terrain. 


 Great service and great settings. How can you go wrong?

We also have our new Shipping Program to make shipping fast and easy!

We are not in this for fame or fortune. We do what we do for the love of the sport, the wonders of the mechanics of Suspension and Engines. Plus, we are good at it! 

All we want is satisfied customers and to do what we enjoy. Motocross and Off Road racing is very dangerous and well set up suspension is one the most important things we, as racers and riders, can do to be as safe and comfortable as possible. A well set-up bike will make you safer,  faster, and less fatigued at the end of the day. There are enough other things to worry about while riding, your suspension should not be one of them.  



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JM Racing Illinois 342 W Embarras Street Sainte Marie, Il 62459 (618)-455-3152 mborgic@jm-racingmb.com

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